An Introduction to Power Banks Battery Cells

Due to the increasing popularity of all types of smart phones and tablet computers, more and more people have discovered that the power these digital products are endowed with, especially the power of mobile phones, has been unable to meet the needs for battery life that our daily routine requires. The emergence of power banks, at least to a certain extent, has managed to solve the problem. However, for those consumers who have not had any contact with portable power supply, it may get difficult and rather confusing to choose a good quality power bank or a reliable power bank manufacturer. Then how to choose the right power bank? And how to choose a reliable provider?

The battery cell is what largely determines if the power supply is – or not – good. The battery cell resembles the fuel tank of a car and its drive system, both of them being responsible for the whole mobile power and generating a steady stream of power. The battery cell directly determines the good or poor quality of a mobile power bank. The circuit board of a mobile power supply can be seen as a control system, a system which is basically responsible for the power distribution and transformation. It is responsible for converting the voltage provided by a lithium battery into the standard voltage that provides electricity for the charging device.

As already known by most of us, the lithium cobalt oxide is actually the liquid lithium ion battery. The most common type is 18650. An 18650 battery is 65 mm in height and 18 mm in diameter, being widely used for laptop batteries. Since it is universally used with laptop batteries, more than 60% of the mobile power makes use of 18650 batteries in today’s market. Since technology is increasingly maturing, 18650 batteries have a wide range of applications. In addition, their portable size makes them even more desirable and comfortable to use.

Lithium iron phosphate is scientifically called ferroelectric. If compared with other types of batteries, there is a main difference: the addition of an iron element in the battery’s positive pole. Though the Lithium iron phosphate can still be considered in its infancy, it offers a huge potential.  Its cycle life and safety performance are unmatched by other materials. The Lithium iron phosphate offers an excellent safety performance, is non-toxic and does not pollute. The raw material comes from multiple sources for raw material and provides a long service life. In addition, its price is more than convenient. In an emerging generation of lithium ion batteries, the Lithium iron phosphate is the ideal anode material.

The optimum voltage: How to select it

The 5V 1A input voltage is ideal for iPads, iPhones, iPods, Galaxy tabs, cell phones, MP3s, MP4s, PSPs, GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, and many other gadgets that require fast charging

The 8-12V input voltage is ideal for tablet computers, SLR cameras, or cameras.

The12-24V input voltage is ideal for notebooks and computers.

So, before purchasing a power supply, make sure to choose smart, safe, and ensure a good after-sale. Make sure to choose the optimum charging scheme and keep in mind that safety is directly linked to the smart chip protection board that is installed in your mobile power supply. Make sure that your power supply is endowed with short-circuit protection, overcharge and over discharge protection, over-temperature protection, and other security measures that make the difference between a quality and a poor quality device.

Power Bank Prices And Worth

Power banks prices and worth are aspects that buyers need to consider carefully before buying a power bank. If you are the type of person who keeps a check on all the money you earn and like to save for urgent situations, the need to save money in a bank every month does not arise. Nonetheless, if you are the type of person who finds it difficult to resist the temptation of using the money you have in hand straight away but who also wishes to save some for rainy days, saving in a bank becomes certainly important.

When it comes down to batteries, a similar rule applies. If you are the type of person who does not simply exploit a battery to its full potential, making sure that the battery always has at least 50% power at all times, buying a power bank may not be a real need. However, a person who has the habit of using his or her smart phone until the last drop of the battery’s juice has been sucked, buying a power bank becomes a must.

The price of a promotional power bank may vary depending on its type, style, capacity, or brand. A 10000mah power bank obviously costs less than a 28000mah power bank, mainly due to the higher capacity the second one provides. Similarly, if we get to talk about brands, the product of the X brand may cost more than the product of the Y brand if the former is positioned better in the market.

It’s common knowledge by now that power banks come in a wide range of colours, capacities, and shapes. Power banks are not only used to charge smart phones, but they are also used to charge other types of gadgets, as long as they are compatible with power banks.

Before purchasing a power bank, it is highly important to determine your real usage. And, depending on that, you can then decide to buy the power bank that can offer you the type of power you need to get from your device.  If you opt for a power bank whose capacity is much higher than your phone’s battery capacity, then the power bank will allow you to charge your device multiple times.

The price of a power bank may also vary depending on the features that are added. For example, let’s assume that you opt for a power bank that comes with the overcharging and short-circuit protection features. If that’s the case, then the price of the power bank will certainly be higher than the price you would have paid for, let’s say, an average-priced power bank. However, when it comes to power banks, opting for the cheapest ones is definitely something you should avoid doing. There aren’t many things more frustrating than holding a battery-drained smart phone in your hands, especially when you most need it. Although brands are currently trying to improve the batteries of their smart phones, people’s excessive usage causes batteries to drain quickly, despite these improvements.

10000mah Power Banks: The Monster Power Supply for Your Smartphones

There is no doubt that power banks can be really handy if you regularly use a smartphone and you do not want to feel forced to carry adapters and charging wires around. And even more if power outlets are not always available in those places you frequent. A power bank will allow you to stop worrying about not being able to use your smart phone if its battery gets fully drained. Power banks will allow you to charge your smart phone no matter where you are, becoming extremely practical and convenient if you always seem to be on the go. Nonetheless, it is very important to opt for the power bank that best meets your needs. If you are in need of more power, then you should definitely consider a product with a 3.6V 10000mAh battery capacity.

Good 10000mAh power banks have a slim and lightweight body which makes them easy to carry around in a bag. Since they usually feature USB for output and micro USB for input, they are very useful for various types of smart phones, especially Android and Apple units. If you decide to buy a power bank, make sure to always check for its compatibility with your smart phone. Most 10000mAh power banks work with HTC and Samsung devices, iPhones, and many other types of tablets. What’s more, high-end power banks will automatically adjust the output power to match the particular needs of your gadgets.

Power banks endowed with 10000mAh batteries can provide enough power to fully charge at least two gadgets. Since they have been designed for comfortable handling, they come with rounded edges and a compact size. Due to the anodic oxidation technology, the colours of your power bank will remain as good as new, preventing it from fading due to constant use or heat. High-quality power banks are also endowed with special features that will protect your devices from short circuits, input overvoltage, output over-current, overcharging, or output overvoltage.

Determining a power bank’s battery level should not be a complicated task. Just make sure the power bank is endowed with LED lights that show how much charge there is left. 10000mAh power banks usually come with a USB cable and a user manual, making it easier for you to use it correctly and efficiently. Power banks can be easily recharged through your laptop or desktop computer, or by simply using an adapter and charging it directly from a power outlet.

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