Check out our best selling Power Buddies. Benefit today from discounts on our most popular power banks.

Creative Power Buddy

Our most popular power banks are from our Creative range. Get in front of the crowd by making a strong impression.

Small Power Buddy

Ideal to charge your phone in any emergency case. From 2200 to 3000 mAh, you can find a lot of models on which you can print your company logo.

Medium Power Buddy

Ideal to charge your phone or Mp3 player multiple times. Capacities from 3600 to 5200 mAh. Wide surface on which you can print your company logo.

XL Power Buddy

Charge your phone and tablet in the same time. Available in 8400 and 10400 mAh. Ideal to print your company logo on a large surface.

Custom Shape Power Buddy

Let your imagination free and get creative. Build a power bank that suits best your company and print it with your logo.


Choose a gift box for your Power Buddy. We can print your logo on the box as well for the custom boxes for free!


Custom cables and adapters to fit your needs. We have a great selection of accessories that you can use for your Power Buddy.