Power Easy 2200 or 2600 Mah Power Bank


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Easy Power Buddy has a surface of  23 * 23 * 92 mm and a printing surface of 85 * 14 mm. Build entirely from plastic the power bank offers a great looking surface where you can print your company logo.The wide size on which you can print, makes the logo stand out more than other power banks models. The power bank is light being just 64 grams it can and it can be easily carried around everywhere. The modern design is eye catchy, the power bank comes in different variations with 4 different colours green, purple, orange and blue.  The input voltage is 5V - 800 mA and the output 5V - 800 mA and it can be used to charge almost any type of phone. The lifetime charging cycles reaches over 1000 cycles making the power bank last twice as more as other models.
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